Attention: If you’re sick and tired of being overwhelmed by clutter and anxiety, this is for YOU…

You CAN Take Control of Your Life and Create the Clutter-Free Home (and Mind!) You’ve Always Wanted!

Get rid of it all, once and for all! Eliminate the mental and
emotional clutter that’s been blocking you – and watch
as the physical clutter miraculously melts away.

From the desks of Elaine Stephanos and Steve Conlan

Dear Friend-In-Clutter,

When you look around your home, how do you feel?

Is it a safe-haven for you? Do you feel calm, happy, and relaxed as you move from room to room?

Or do you feel stressed and anxious … overwhelmed and unhappy … as the mess around you intensifies the chaos you feel inside?

If you’re living in clutter, it IS undoubtedly contributing to your frustration, overwhelm, panic and anxiety.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to hang the “Welcome” sign above the front door and finally start having friends and family over, but you’re too embarrassed to allow anyone in.
  • You want (more than anything!) to create and maintain a clutter-free home, but somehow you always end up procrastinating, so progress is never made.
  • You know HOW to clean up – you understand what needs to be accomplished. But you don’t know where to start or how you could possibly finish … so nothing ever gets done.
  • You feel frazzled all the time – your “outer” mess complicating your “inner” mess. (Sometimes you can’t even sleep, and your energy level?! Forget about it!)
  • You’re constantly juggling all the things you have to do, and cleaning the house remains at the bottom of your very long list.
  • You’re frustrated because you have no time to focus on the GOOD things in life – including time with family, enjoying a hobby, and/or spending time with friends.
  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted all the time, and sometimes, the clutter is the absolute tipping point. You just can’t stand it any longer!

If so, you are SO not alone! In fact, it’s estimated that
84% of Americans say they worry that their
home isn’t organized enough.

If you’re part of that 84%, you’re in exactly the right place, and we have GREAT news for you!

It’s not your fault the items in your life are taking over your life!


It’s quite simple, really.

It’s because it’s not about the clutter.

Clutter is the symptom, not the cause. (Which explains why actually cleaning the clutter is 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics!)

You see, your mental-emotional state is the most powerful influencer of your behavior. So when you don’t feel good, you can’t and won’t take action. And because of this, the clutter you’re living with is much more about your “inside game” – one in which your unconscious mind is essentially paralyzing you.

And that’s also why professional organizers, social support systems (including friends and family), and even traditional therapy fail to help: they address the “mess” instead of the “mindset,” the symptoms, rather than the cause.

But what if I told you that you absolutely can change your mindset, and create a life you LOVE, completely free of clutter and anxiety?

What if you could alleviate your fear of letting things go?

What if you could learn how to clean up your “mindset mess,” and then sit back and watch as your clutter flows right on out the door?

You CAN.

So who are we, and why should you listen to us?

We’re the MoJo Life Coaches: Elaine Stephanos & Steve Conlan!

Elaine's Story

elaineAfter the death of my parents, I had a hard time letting go of the items they passed on to me. Each and every one had a special meaning, triggered a happy memory, or represented a milestone in my family’s life. I felt especially guilty about donating my Mom’s things, because we were super-tight (absolute BFFs!!!) and I felt I’d be dishonoring her by donating her personal belongings. Even worse, I felt like I was “throwing away Mom,” not just her possessions.

I didn’t realize at that time that I was living in the past.

I was quite literally stuck there – paralyzed – and helpless. And on top of that, I had always been an extreme perfectionist, so if I couldn’t find the “perfect place” to hang a picture, it just stayed on the floor.

I also had a hard time letting go of my own things, even when I didn’t need them anymore (like clothing, shoes and purses from when I was in the corporate world). I felt like those things were my identity – they represented who I was as the Marketing Director of the #1-ranked law/lobbying firm in the U.S. with 500 attorneys worldwide. I was important! And these items reminded me of that.

So the clutter remained … for years.

But there was a little voice deep inside me that told me my Mom would want me to move forward with my life. She would want me to live in the present. And I realized that by holding on to my “past identity,” I was robbing myself of joy. I wasn’t celebrating the woman I had become. And that was my first step on my journey toward a clutter-free life!

Now? The clutter in my mind – and in my home! – is gone!

Steve's Story

steveAfter losing 1 million dollars, I fell into a pretty deep depression. (Understandable, right?)

I went from having a positive, abundant mindset to one of scarcity, fear, indecision, and clutter.

I felt completely out of control.

Over the course of 8 years, I lost my money, my identity (as a successful businessman), my loved ones, and my job. I couldn’t make a decision if my life depended on it.

I became paralyzed with indecision and procrastination – I was terrified of making another wrong decision. I started holding onto to “things,” so I could feel a sense of certainty and security in an uncertain and scary world. This was a slow-motion downward spiral into complete clutter chaos.

Finally, I had enough. The constant anxiety, panic attacks, depression … all the clutter just enhanced the negativity I felt on the inside. So I made a powerful CHOICE to clear the clutter in my life and in my mind. I made it a MUST to TRANSFORM my life.

Making that decision was my turning point.

I de-cluttered my entire home in only 3 days. The constant anxiety and depression lifted – and I’ve never gone back.

Once the inside game shifted, my external world cleaned up (literally overnight), and I was no longer drained of energy and joy, due to my negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Between the two of us, we’ve completed over 10,000 hours of research around the psychology of clutter and anxiety. We hold mental health certifications (including from the world-renowned Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes) and thousands of hours of exhaustive research and clinical case work.

We have helped thousands of people overwhelmed by clutter, just like you, to release their mental mess so they can take control of their lives.


By first helping you unclutter your mind, so you are compelled to unclutter your home.

Our MoJo’licious Belief

We believe the mental-emotional state you’re in is the most powerful influencer of human behavior. If you don’t feel good, you won’t and can’t take action. There is a powerful driving force inside you, that once unleashed can make your dream home and life come alive.

Our MoJo’licious Mission

Together, we’re on a mission to show people how to move from clutter, overwhelm, anxiety and depression to order, organization, calm, peace and TRUE joy.

As recovered “clutter-bugs” and former sufferers of anxiety, we understand the frustration and pain you feel.

You’ve maybe even:

  • Invested in a professional organizer before, or made great attempts at cleaning up on your own, but the clutter keeps growing…
  • Tried traditional therapy, but it failed miserably, and you’re losing hope…
  • Spent money on medication to relieve your overwhelm, stress and anxiety…

And you likely feel incredibly alone in your situation, and confident that nobody understands.

But we want you to know, that is not the case.

You can clear the clutter – ALL the clutter, for good! That includes the mental, emotional, and physical … and we can show you how.

We help you:

  • 1

    Plow through the emotional “booby traps” attached to your various items, as you eliminate your deepest fears of letting go.

  • 2

     Release the blame, shame, guilt and embarrassment you feel around your cluttered home – (stop punishing yourself, once and for all!)

  • 3

    Annihilate the anxiety, overwhelm and depression that creates debilitating clutter in your mind and home. (No more paralysis and indecision, perfectionism, procrastination or panic attacks!)

  • 4

    Break the chains that have kept you paralyzed and EMPOWER yourself to PAINLESSLY declutter your mind and home.

  • 5

    Create the peaceful, joyous and loving home you’ve always dreamed about, that you can share with pride to your loved ones, friends, and visitors.

When you no longer wallow in the mental mess, you’re able to stop crippling yourself with self-sabotaging thoughts and habits that ultimately derail your efforts to de-clutter your home. You create a life you love, free of clutter and anxiety, as you TOTALLY transform your relationship with items you formerly held onto with a vice grip!

You enjoy a life free of anxiety and clutter in both your mind and home, welcoming in a flood of LOVE you never dreamed was possible!

I didn’t believe I could TOTALLY Transform My Home, My Family & Myself without pain and suffering, and with this course I was able to do IT ALL and so much more…!!!"



The Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Coaching Program

The de-cluttering strategies you need to completely transform your home & life!

Consider this your “get out of jail free” card – one that liberates you from the imprisonment of the clutter in your mind and your home.

This program WORKS because we know it’s about so much more than just the clutter. We address the underlying issues that trigger your clutter behaviors, including anxiety, grief, depression, perfectionism, OCD, and more.

We clear your mind mess, first, in order to eliminate the physical mess.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect to learn from this transformative program:

module-1MODULE 1: Introduction & A MINDBLOWING Client Transformation!

In this module, you meet Elaine & Steve (MoJo Life Coaches) who guide you through this POWERFUL program where you experience WARP SPEED breakthroughs and results.

  • Listen first-hand to the interview with Barbara, who shares her own MIRACULOUS transformation, so you get a solid idea of how your life can change too, when you “kick that clutter to the curb”!
  • Prepare yourself for YOUR own transformation.

Listen to an 8-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

module-2MODULE 2: Six Ultimate Power Breakthroughs for Reclaiming Your Home & Life

In this module, you learn why you self-sabotage, how to shift self-sabotaging beliefs instantaneously, and how to keep them from returning. The Proprietary Secrets in this module are versatile and unique — you won’t find them anywhere else!


  • Free yourself from the grips of perfectionism.
  • Learn how to overcome guilt, shame, and embarrassment, and feel passionate joy, instead.
  • Discover how to dissolve internal conflicts, self-judgment, and criticism.
  • Learn the powerful secret behind WHY you really hold onto items, and how to let go of them so you can take control of your life.
  • Understand how to attract more joy, peace, freedom and bliss into your life.
  • And more!

Listen to a 4-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-3MODULE 3: Give Yourself Permission To Let Go

It’s time to stop sabotaging your own freedom and space in your home by collecting all that “STUFF”! In this module, we show you how to instantly shift your mindset, so you can finally let go – without pain and regret.

You learn how to:

  • Shift from grief to inner peace, as you heal past hurts.
  • Permanently detach from & let go of items – without pain – so you can finally clear the clutter.
  • Prioritize and systematically select what needs to stay or go.
  • Set up your life in a way that serves you.
  • And more!

Listen to a 5-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-4MODULE 4: Create An Abundance Mentality

In this module, we prepare for BIG change and transformation, by FINALLY releasing you from the unhealthy beliefs that anchor you to your possessions. We teach you how to shift the aspects of your mentality that are based in scarcity, so you can welcome abundance into your life, instead!

You learn how to:

  • Recognize when it is time to let go of items and possessions.
  • Adopt strategies for overcoming overwhelm, so you can enjoy more peace and joy.
  • Attract more of what you really want into your life.
  • Keep your momentum, and stay inspired to clear more clutter, when you begin losing “steam.”
  • Release beliefs that keep you trapped, for good!
  • And more!

Listen to a 6-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-5MODULE 5: Your Inner Game

In this module, we focus on your inner game: your mindset and inner talk. We teach you how to tap into the power of your mind to create lasting change!

You learn how to:

  • Silence the inner talk that sabotages the best of efforts.
  • Align your beliefs, rules & intentions with your behaviors and actions, so your life unfolds from your deepest desires — rather than your fears.
  • Live in the flow of the Universe – easy and smooth – instead of constantly feeling like you’re swimming against the tide!
  • And more!

Listen to a 5-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-6MODULE 6: From Victim To Hero

You just might be using clutter as a protective blanket that makes you feel secure in an uncertain world. In this module, we show you how to shift this backwards thinking (that causes you even more uncertainty and insecurity) so you can discover all the security you need, from within!

You learn:

  • How we “do” depression, and what you can do to get out from under it, for good!
  • Prepare yourself for the inevitable hurdles that come with the cleanup process, and strategies for leaping over them.
  • How to overcome Agoraphobia, the fear of public places, and debilitating social anxiety so you can enjoy healthy relationships with people, rather than things.
  • And more!

Listen to a 6-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-7MODULE 7: Training Your Brain

As with any challenge, you’ll experience setbacks as you transform your home – and your mind. Here, we give you tools for overcoming them, so you continue moving boldly forward on your de-cluttering journey.

You learn how to:

  • Address your internal conflicts, so you can release them as they arise.
  • Align with your intentions, so you carry each action through to completion.
  • Identify what causes your panic attacks and learn how you can diffuse them – permanently.
  • Eliminate procrastination and accomplish more, in less time.
  • Give yourself permission to say “No” without guilt, and cut back on your overwhelm.
  • How to start your day off with a punch of “MoJo” so you are centered, peaceful and empowered!
  • And more!

Listen to an 8-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Module-8MODULE 8: Freedom From Separation Anxiety & Indecisiveness

In this module, we show you how to remove emotional “booby traps” so you can more easily and painlessly decide what to let go of. We give you tools and strategies for taking decisive action, so you can free yourself from indecision and unleash unbridled forward progress, instead.

You learn:

  • How separation anxiety relates to clutter, and how to overcome it.
  • Steps for re-inventing yourself, so you can manifest exactly what you desire in life.
  • How to eliminate OCD rituals that dominate your life, so you can focus your energy and accomplish more.
  • Strategies for plowing through indecisiveness, while increasing your confidence and clarity, so you can FINALLY de-clutter at WARP speed!
  • And more!

Listen to a 5-minute clip of this module to get a sneak peek into what you will learn.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

It is! (And we have a 98% success rate to prove it!)

When you take control of your clutter, you take control of your life. And trust us when we say, it really is a TOTAL transformation!

Maybe right now you’re thinking, “Elaine and Steve, this sounds great! But how are we going to cover all this?”

Great question!

When you enroll in The Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Coaching Program, you receive:

Set of 8 CDs

Delivered to your home in 2-3 days. We’ve boxed up our TOP SECRETS that have transformed the lives of thousands of people just like you, and we’ll ship it right to your doorstep, so you can listen to each training session at your convenience. You’ll listen in on our LIVE coaching sessions with previous clients who have struggled with clutter and anxiety and witness their MIRACULOUS transformations and breakthroughs as they happen. Get ready to become inspired, and experience the same!

The “Action Guide” Workbook

Includes lessons-learned, valuable FUN exercises to lock-in the strategies from each module, inspiration and support, note-taking pages and much more!

Digital Files of the 8 CDs & the “Action Guide” Workbook

You'll receive the digital files to download immediately for instant access to the entire program.  Check your email after purchase for immediate access.

Be FREE From Your Cage Of Stuff…

We’ve made it easy for you to transform your relationship with “clutter” from one of guilt, shame, embarrassment and fear to one of excitement, independence, joy and freedom like you’ve never known before!

At the end of the course, you’ll have learned how to recognize the thoughts, behaviors, and reactions contributing to your inability to let go of items. And as you do, you’ll learn how to change those negative emotions, the anxiety, and the overwhelm-producing habits on your own… at your own pace.

Once I did this program I realized it was all me…I was talking myself into OCD, Panic Attacks, the Anxiety & Depression (all of it) and once I realized I could talk myself out of it with the help of this program, everything stopped and I don’t need to take medication anymore which is INVALUABLE to me!!!  I’d still be a Depressed, Anxiety-Ridden Mess like I felt like before, but NOT ANYMORE!"


By now, you may be asking yourself, “I can’t wait to transform my clutter - and my life! What is the investment?”

First, we’d love for you to take a moment and think about what it would be like to completely change your lifestyle … to live a “Clutter & Anxiety No More” existence.


  • Your relationships becoming more intimate and connected, because you’re no longer distracted by clutter and anxiety
  • Enjoying the freedom of a more flexible lifestyle, and more quality time with your family and friends
  • Making more money by clearing your mind, home & office
  • Attract more abundance in your life
  • Feeling deep joy and fulfillment, knowing you’re living your optimal life
  • Gaining new time management and organizational skills
  • Becoming more healthy, and feeling more empowered
  • Building instant self-worth when you finally see massive results and positive momentum
  • Living better and longer, when the stress of clutter and anxiety no longer plague your life
  • Trade feelings of guilt and embarrassment for centeredness, inner-peace, control over your life, and TRUE happiness by connecting with people instead of “things”
  • Re-discovering who you really are, beneath all the clutter & anxiety
  • Unleashing the creative side of yourself, so you can do more of what you enjoy
  • And so much more!

How much would that be worth to you?

$10,000? $5,000?

Because we know firsthand the potential this program has to change your life, we want to make this decision a “no-brainer” for you. That’s why the investment for the Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Coaching Program is just $397 for a limited time only (that’s an 80% discount). And if you enroll before December 31, 2016 you can also take advantage of our super-easy 2-part payment plan of $218 each (that’s an 78% discount) OR 3-part payment plan of just $158 each (that’s an 76% discount)..

But wait… to make this investment even easier on you, we’re including the following FREE bonuses (a $1,082 value):

2-Hour Powerful Group Call Recording To Dive Deeper Into One Of The 8 Modules ($297 Value)

To guarantee your success, we dive deeper into one of the 8 modules during a 2-Hour group call. This is your opportunity to listen to the experts answer your most burning questions!

One Private 30-Minute Live Breakthrough Session with Steve/Elaine ($97 Value)

***Only Offered to those who purchase by December 31, 2016*** Speak with your coaches (Steve/Elaine) on a private call to find out what’s keeping YOU stuck and cluttered. This is a FREE one-on-one coaching session only offered to our Clutter & Anxiety No More Community!

Private “Members-Only” Facebook Support Group ($197 Value)

Lifetime access to a powerful support network where you can make friends, ask your MoJo Coaches and fellow participants questions, and receive advice, support, and feedback!

Free Lifetime Updates ($297 Value)

Whenever we make a major change to our program, you get instant access to the fresh material to support you on your journey. Continue to receive additional tools and strategies to help you de-clutter and stay clutter-free!

Free Newsletter ($97 Value)

We are committed to keeping you inspired along your journey toward a clutter-free mindset and home with a subscription to our weekly newsletter full of powerful tips and inspiration to keep you moving full speed ahead!

Elaine’s Personal Incantations ($97 Value)

Elaine shares her personal list of POWERFUL incantations she uses to kick off her day with a punch of MOJO!

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, you make this investment at no risk!

If you’re not 100% satisfied you can return your program within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Ready to get started?


Maybe you still have a few questions. Below, we've included a few of the questions we hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you decide if this program is a good match for you.

  • q-iconI don’t think I can afford this program. How do I know my investment will pay off?

    How much money are you spending every month buying items that increase your clutter? How much are you spending each month just to maintain your clutter? Think about how much you’ll save when you’re no longer paying for storage units, no longer frivolously buying things, no longer buying duplicates of things you already own, and no longer paying for therapy and medications (not to mention the stress “costs” of living in clutter!).

    Our clients usually experience dramatic transformations within the first month of using the program. How can you afford NOT to see if this program can transform your life? Remember, we have a 98% success rate and you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee where we’re taking all the risk.


  • q-iconI have SO much stuff and too little time! What if I can’t invest the time required to actually make these changes?

    This program frees up HUGE amounts of your time by eliminating time thieves. These time thieves are: procrastination, perfectionism, indecision, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Imagine what life will be like when you can accomplish tasks with laser-focused attention! This program was designed for busy people – you do it at your own pace and convenience. Remember, most of our clients have transformed their lives in just a few weeks!

  • q-iconMy clutter is REALLY bad. I honestly think I’m beyond help – can your program really help me?

    No situation is too hopeless and nobody is beyond help! You think you’ve read it all, done it all, hired professional organizers AND been to all the doctors, therapists and psychiatrists, right? We understand! That’s exactly why we offer this program – to help people finally conquer the clutter, even when nothing else has worked. Our extensive experience shows that excessive clutter is only a symptom – not the core issue to be addressed. Clutter isn’t a mental disease, but it does have a mental component that can easily and quickly be shifted to release you, which finally allows you to live a life that really serves you.

  • q-iconThere are so many courses and programs available out there claiming to help people get rid of their clutter. Why should I choose yours?

    We have a 98% success rate with our clients! The secret to their success is our POWERFUL coaching during which we unravel and focus on the underlying issue(s) that create the clutter in your home/office and life.

    98% speaks for itself!

So NOW are you ready to de-clutter your mind and home, by cleaning up
your unconscious “mindset messes”?

Are you ready to FINALLY free yourself
from the shame, guilt and embarrassment and
begin living your new clutter & anxiety-free life?

YES, Elaine and Steve, I want to take control of my clutter and anxiety!

Yes, enroll me in the Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Coaching Program now!

Yes, I understand that for my investment of $1997 $397 I receive:

  • A Set of 8 CD’s delivered to my doorstep in 2-3 days, so I can listen to each training session at my convenience.
  • An “Action Guide” Workbook with exercises to lock-in the strategies I learn in each Module.
  • Digital Files of the 8 CDs & “Action Guide” Workbook for instant access to the entire program.

Plus, these great bonuses ($1,082 Value):

  • A 2-Hour POWERFUL Group Call Recording to dive deeper into one of the 8 Modules.
  • One Private 30-Minute Live Breakthrough Session with Steve/Elaine to receive personal coaching and get my burning questions answered. ***Only available to me if I purchase the program in December 31, 2016***
  • Lifetime access to a Private, “Members-Only” Facebook support group, where I can ask my MoJo Coaches and fellow participants questions, get advice, support and feedback!
  • Free Updates to the Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Program emailed to me every time new and fresh content is released.
  • Your Weekly Newsletter to keep me inspired and educated with new strategies along my journey toward a clutter-free mindset and home.
  • Elaine’s POWERFUL list of Incantations that she uses to kick off her day with a punch of MOJO!

And YES I know I’m protected by your “Risk-Free” Satisfaction Guarantee. That is, I can use your program for 30 days, and if I don’t feel it’s a fit for me, I can simply return the product– no questions asked.

Total Value: $3,079 (Program + Bonuses)

Limited Time Special Offer
(Until December 31, 2016):

1 PAYMENT (Pay In Full 80% Discount) Option: $397


2 PAYMENT Option: $218 Month for 2 Months
(78% Discount)


3 PAYMENT Option: $158 Month for 3 Months
(76% Discount)


You don’t have to live a life that is overwhelmed by clutter anymore!

It’s time to take control of your life and let go of the “things” you no longer need, so you can make room for all the things you really love.

Now is the time to get started. Let’s do this, together!

Live without clutter, anxiety and fear. We’ll show you how.

To your clutter-free, anxiety-free life,




PS: Can you put a price on the joy of feeling “at home” in your home? We don’t think so! Enroll in Clutter & Anxiety No More™ Coaching Program now.